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New Study: Why The Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance Is Paying Off for Paid Search

31 Jan

by MHB

According to a report published by Marin Software Wednesday. The report, “Why the Search Alliance Is Paying Off for Paid Search,” suggests the Microsoft and Yahoo search alliance increased the share of paid-search impressions by 4% and share of clicks by 2%, while Google’s share declined by the same percentage.

Microsoft and Yahoo saw paid-search share of impressions rise from 19% to 23%, and paid clicks rise to from 19% to 21% in the first few months after the alliance went into effect.

Matt Lawson, Marin’s marketing vice president, said in the report that he sees the drop in Google’s ad share as an opportunity for marketers to take advantage of Bing and Yahoo. “We know Bing can potentially close the gap, as advertisers come on or rejoin the new platform,” he says.

“The search alliance has resulted in improved traffic quality for advertisers. Higher conversion rates demonstrate improvements. Excluding the impact of seasonality, conversion rates rose by 12% during the study period. The results show that consumers respond to the combined platform.”

The study also found that the amount marketers spend on Google rose 60%, whereas spend on a combined Yahoo and Bing increased by 44%.

The study also looked at post-click conversions and to assess traffic quality.

Marin’s study concluded that conversion rates on the search alliance became more favorable following the transition. Marin attributes this to several factors including higher-quality traffic, better targeting options and a more efficient marketplace.

Marin’s study, run between Aug. 15 and Dec. 15, 2010, analyzes data from more than 800 of its clients that collectively manage more than $1.8 billion in annual paid-search spend.

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Spotlight on a .biz Site

20 Jan

Every week,  will showcase a featured .biz site.  This week, the spotlight shines on . shares the stories of creative business people who are living this life, and some ideas and hard fought lessons that have helped them stay the path. is  an opportunity  to test out and share ideas and to ignite conversations around what it takes to spend your waking hours pursuing and building something worthwhile.

Facebook acquires Domain Name

12 Jan

Short after Facebook bought the domain name ,the social network spotted another interesting domain name, and decided to buy it. Facebook bought the domain name this September to use it internally .The social network uses for email addresses and moreover, as a URL shortener.

According to whois records domain name was moved from DNStation to Facebook. doesn’t resolve yet to any website.
Facebook acquired this domain name when Neustar auctioned off two letter .biz domain names.  Afilias will release too two letter .info domain names.  Will Facebook buy too?

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