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.biz Spotlight Shines on quirk.biz – Born Digital. Driven by Creativity.

30 Mar

The Site of the Week Shines the spotlight on quirk.biz.

With over 200 “QuirkStars” in their offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London, Quirk is a marketing agency that is driven by creativity and disciplined by results.  Founded in 1999, they deliver marketing solutions for businesses and brands that are looking to engage with connected audiences.  They have organized their business around their key principals and approach that they call T.C.E.O. or Think, Create, Engage, Optimise.

Quirk is a recognized leader in their space and were highlighted as the Best Digital Agency in South Africa by Bookmarks in 2011.   Learn more about quirk.biz and be sure to see what their clients have to say!


.biz Site of the Week – Ingeniousbritain.biz – British Business – Your Voice

23 Mar

This week, we are shining the light on Ingeniousbritain.biz.   This online publication is all about providing information, resources, latest news and advice for the small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the UK.  They recognize the importance of these organizations to their economy and are striving to support their success and growth.  With 95% of the the businesses in the UK being “SME’s”, and “contributing more than half of the UK GDP”- this community plays the most important role in the local UK economy.

Ingeniousbritain.biz provides advice on everything these businesses need to know and can be used a resource to for guidance on management, legal, finance, marketing and sales and technology.  Take a tour of ingeniousbritain.biz, follow them on twitter for up to date news and/or check out their Facebook page.

Spotlight on SportIndustry.biz – Where Sport meets Business

16 Mar

This week, we are putting the spotlight on SportIndustry.biz.  The Sport Industry group was founded in 2008 by Paul Nolan,  who was the prior Group HR Director of The Football Association, UK’s largest sports governing body.  The Sport Industry Group provides the latest news and information on major sporting events throughout Europe – with the key focus currently on the upcoming Olympic games in London.

This organization not only focuses on the major headlines of sporting events, they are instrumental in hosting sport related industry events and award ceremonies for key contributors across this unique segment.  For avid fans for everything sports- visit www.sportindustry.biz today!