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Increase Traffic to Your Website on a Shoe String Budget

6 Jun

In today’s economy, budget cuts are common. While most business owners understand that website traffic is a key driver for revenue, pay-per-click advertising can be an expensive investment for a company with a shoestring budget.

Email marketing offers an affordable and effective alternative to move customers to your website and maximize ROI. Instead of spending $2.00 – $10.00 per click on search ads, you can reach thousands of prospects for an average of $0.05 to $0.10 per email.

It’s easy to get started with email marketing; here are 3 things you’ll need:

  • Email list: You can compile contacts from your email opt-in forms on your website or social media outlets. If you don’t have an email form yet, Wufoo is a free tool to help you start building your list. Learn how to grow your email list with these tips from HubSpot.
  • Email service subscription: There are several email service options available, varying in price, features, reporting and customer support. Visit TopTenReviews’ email marketing service comparison to find the right solution to fit your current business needs. Most email service providers are great resources in helping your business comply with federal regulations, such as the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • Effective content and layout: Keep your subscribers engaged with quality content and an easy-to-read email design that is consistent with your website branding. Save the sales pitch; make sure the content you are sending is relevant and useful to your specific audience. This will ensure that they stay engaged, and will decrease the likelihood of unsubscribes. And finally, don’t forget to include a strong call-to-action in your email that will drive your subscribers to your website.

Remember, email marketing should be an extension of your .BIZ website – not a replacement. Use email marketing to enhance your website presence and keep your subscribers informed on new updates and product offers. Save money and optimize your results by consistently testing, measuring, and updating your messages accordingly.

You are An Expert, But Are You An Entrepreneur?

18 Jan

You have been thinking of starting your own business.  Maybe you are sick of working for someone else.  Maybe you are currently unemployed.  Maybe you simply have a great idea.  Is self employment right for you?  Deborah Shane explores the ups and down of jumping in, taking the risk and reaping the rewards of entrepreneurship.

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So you are an expert, but are you really cut out to be an entrepreneur?  Is this what you really want to do, or is this a desperation tactic?  Entrepreneurship as a solution to employment is fast becoming a popular decision many are making.

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There are many great resources to help you evaluate if, in fact, you are the right temperament and type of person to take entrepreneurship on. Here are a few of my favorites:


Here are three tools from the SBA that will help you. First, take an honest self assessment of your entrepreneurial temperament.  Second, identify your key qualities, skills and intangibles.  Third, create your entrepreneurial success blueprint, your platform and business plan.

Here are 12 resources and tools I have used to become a better seller, networker and overall marketer. These are proven ways to your build brand awareness and credibility and grow your relationships with your personal and professional communities.

  1. LinkedIn is the professional platform that gives you unparalleled potential to be introduced to and interact with top people in your field or related fields.
  2. Facebook is the most diverse platform for engagement, personal branding and interactivity.
  3. Twitter can be a powerful “real time” communication tool.
  4. Blogging is the best way to build clout and authority in your field.
  5. Email marketing can help you grow existing  and new relationships and revenues with a permission based community.
  6. Article writing, either on your own blog or for other key blogs and websites, builds your brand leadership.
  7. Texting used properly can also be a very effective “real time” communication tool.
  8. Video is the best way to show people your vibe, your personality and how you present yourself and your ideas.
  9. Volunteering is the side door into many business opportunities and aligns you with things you are passionate about.
  10. Networking online and in person can open up amazing opportunities with people all over the world or right in your local community.
  11. Webinar workshops offer a way to deliver quality content on a specific subject online with just a short time commitment.
  12. Radio podcasting has opened more doors for me than just about any other platform, and can do the same for you if you use it to feature others.

If you are ready to take your expertise and use it to become an entrepreneur, set yourself up to succeed by building a foundation, a platform and your blueprint for success. Business ownership is the most exciting endeavor that one can take, as long as your risk/reward tolerance is high enough.

Set yourself up to succeed, make the shift and take the risk.  This is the perfect year and perfect time.

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