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10 Top Time Management Tools for Your Business

13 Jun

Time management is an ongoing challenge for startups and entrepreneurs. .BIZ has identified 10 top time management tools that will cut hours off your daily operations, help you stay organized and expand your business.

  1. WordPress*
    A leading content management system, WordPress is used by millions of small business owners to build quick websites/webpages and schedule timely web content and blog updates. With thousands of free plug-ins available, you will save loads of time and money on web developers and add leading-edge features to your website within minutes. An open-source service, WordPress is constantly being updated with the latest and greatest resources to improve your website operations and increase customer conversion.
  2. Outlook Web Email **
    For only $4.99, you can access your entire outlook web email and calendar from your smart phone. This app allows you to view all emails and sub-folders, forward, reply to and send emails from your Outlook account, download attachments and forward attachments. With the ability to create and accept global meetings on-the-go as well as receive automated reminders, you won’t miss another appointment!
  3. Hootsuite*
    Hootsuite is a popular social management tool that allows users to schedule publishing of messages in advance across multiple social networks. Save time logging in and updating your multiple networks each day; instead, add them to Hootsuite and publish multiple messages on each with just one click. Connect and manage your business’ Facebook, Linkedin page and groups, Twitter, Google +, Foursquare, Tumlr, Flickr, Youtube and more – all in one dashboard. This tool offers a basic free version, with upgrades available for a small fee.
  4. Evernote*
    Winner of TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and the Webby’s, Evernote is a free cloud-based app that provides easy access to files across all platforms. Take voice, audio, video or text notes and access them from home, work and on-the-go. You can search by date, audio, text and even text within photos to quickly find the information you need. Additionally, quickly share your Evernote files with any coworker or client within seconds.
  5. Google Reader*
    Keep up with the latest news and trends in your industry with Google Reader. This tool aggregates all feeds of your choice into one easy to read format. All you need to do is subscribe to your favorite sites, organize them into category folders and browse your favorite content in one place. Share feeds and folders with other Google Reader users with one URL and set alerts for the information, keywords or publications that are must-reads for your business.
  6. Toodledo**
    Manage all your to do lists and tasks with one comprehensive app. Overflowing with productivity features, you’ll keep track of all your responsibilities wherever you are. This app will aid you in prioritizing, collaborating and sharing projects with clients and colleagues. You can also import data from calendars such as Outlook and iCal, and track progress on business goals with visual stats and graphs.
  7. FileApp Pro**
    You no longer need a full-service computer to open, edit, save and organize files. Now you can use FileApp Pro to do all of this and more – conveniently from your mobile device. Leave your heavy laptop behind, and quickly access any file from the FileApp Pro cloud – from Word and Excel documents to pdfs, images audio and zip files. Use this tool as your portable office desktop; create folders and rename files on the fly and sync with your computer within minutes.
  8. Scan Bizcards**
    Stop spending hours transferring contacts into your address book, snap a quick photo upon receipt with Scan Bizcards. Featuring 30 capabilities, the app has been recognized by the New York Times, ABC TV, Apple Gazette and the 2011 MOBI Awards. The newest features include the ability for users to directly export business card photos into Sales Force as well as schedule automated introduction notes for each loaded contact. Free and paid versions of Scan Bizcards are available.
  9. Hours Tracker**
    Whether you’re tracking hours to increase productivity or billing your services to a client, Hours Tracker is a great resource to help you quickly track and review your time. Add specific jobs and corresponding rates once, and aggregate and calculate hours for each. Keep track of all your time wherever you are, and export project data into an excel sheet to email or upload to other time management programs.
  10. BillMinder**
    BillMinder allows you to add and manage all your business’ bills in one place. You can schedule auto payments, view payment and account history, and receive timely reports and analyze spending patterns across custom categories. Stay on top of all your business’ bills with BillMinder and spend more time on ROI-generating activities!

Take advantage of these resources to streamline your business processes and grow your business revenue through your .BIZ website. For a chance to win a $25 to the app store of your choice, let us know what other strategies you are using to improve your time management for your business.

*    available online and on all smart phones
**   available for iPhone and iPad

.biz Site of the Week – Ingeniousbritain.biz – British Business – Your Voice

23 Mar

This week, we are shining the light on Ingeniousbritain.biz.   This online publication is all about providing information, resources, latest news and advice for the small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the UK.  They recognize the importance of these organizations to their economy and are striving to support their success and growth.  With 95% of the the businesses in the UK being “SME’s”, and “contributing more than half of the UK GDP”- this community plays the most important role in the local UK economy.

Ingeniousbritain.biz provides advice on everything these businesses need to know and can be used a resource to for guidance on management, legal, finance, marketing and sales and technology.  Take a tour of ingeniousbritain.biz, follow them on twitter for up to date news and/or check out their Facebook page.

You are An Expert, But Are You An Entrepreneur?

18 Jan

You have been thinking of starting your own business.  Maybe you are sick of working for someone else.  Maybe you are currently unemployed.  Maybe you simply have a great idea.  Is self employment right for you?  Deborah Shane explores the ups and down of jumping in, taking the risk and reaping the rewards of entrepreneurship.

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So you are an expert, but are you really cut out to be an entrepreneur?  Is this what you really want to do, or is this a desperation tactic?  Entrepreneurship as a solution to employment is fast becoming a popular decision many are making.

who am i

There are many great resources to help you evaluate if, in fact, you are the right temperament and type of person to take entrepreneurship on. Here are a few of my favorites:


Here are three tools from the SBA that will help you. First, take an honest self assessment of your entrepreneurial temperament.  Second, identify your key qualities, skills and intangibles.  Third, create your entrepreneurial success blueprint, your platform and business plan.

Here are 12 resources and tools I have used to become a better seller, networker and overall marketer. These are proven ways to your build brand awareness and credibility and grow your relationships with your personal and professional communities.

  1. LinkedIn is the professional platform that gives you unparalleled potential to be introduced to and interact with top people in your field or related fields.
  2. Facebook is the most diverse platform for engagement, personal branding and interactivity.
  3. Twitter can be a powerful “real time” communication tool.
  4. Blogging is the best way to build clout and authority in your field.
  5. Email marketing can help you grow existing  and new relationships and revenues with a permission based community.
  6. Article writing, either on your own blog or for other key blogs and websites, builds your brand leadership.
  7. Texting used properly can also be a very effective “real time” communication tool.
  8. Video is the best way to show people your vibe, your personality and how you present yourself and your ideas.
  9. Volunteering is the side door into many business opportunities and aligns you with things you are passionate about.
  10. Networking online and in person can open up amazing opportunities with people all over the world or right in your local community.
  11. Webinar workshops offer a way to deliver quality content on a specific subject online with just a short time commitment.
  12. Radio podcasting has opened more doors for me than just about any other platform, and can do the same for you if you use it to feature others.

If you are ready to take your expertise and use it to become an entrepreneur, set yourself up to succeed by building a foundation, a platform and your blueprint for success. Business ownership is the most exciting endeavor that one can take, as long as your risk/reward tolerance is high enough.

Set yourself up to succeed, make the shift and take the risk.  This is the perfect year and perfect time.

For the original article go to: http://smallbiztrends.com/2012/01/expert-entrepreneur.html