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Spotlight on Best of .biz Nominee – Ministrywebsites.biz

13 Apr

This week we are shining the spotlight on 1 of our 10 best of .biz Nominees, Ministry Websites.

Tim Schmoyer knows that time is valuable. That’s why he created MinistryWebsites.biz. Founded in 2008, MinistryWebsites provides affordable, state-of-the-art website design, coding, hosting and online support for Churches and Ministries. Using the most cutting-edge and user-friendly management systems on the market, MinistryWebsites.biz makes setting up and maintaining websites easy, not time consuming. MinistryWebsites.biz takes the hassle out of designing and maintaining websites so its clients focus can be where it belongs: communicating easily, simply and effectively to their congregations.

Learn More about Ministry Websites or Vote for them for the Best of .biz Q2 2012!



Spotlight on SportIndustry.biz – Where Sport meets Business

16 Mar

This week, we are putting the spotlight on SportIndustry.biz.  The Sport Industry group was founded in 2008 by Paul Nolan,  who was the prior Group HR Director of The Football Association, UK’s largest sports governing body.  The Sport Industry Group provides the latest news and information on major sporting events throughout Europe – with the key focus currently on the upcoming Olympic games in London.

This organization not only focuses on the major headlines of sporting events, they are instrumental in hosting sport related industry events and award ceremonies for key contributors across this unique segment.  For avid fans for everything sports- visit www.sportindustry.biz today!


Spotlight on clickthrough.biz – Improving End User Experience

9 Mar

This week we are shining the spotlight on clickthrough.biz.  Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Andrew Hirst introduces himself as “A user experience consultant and information architect.I am digital” and offers expertise to organizations that are looking to improve their online users experience.

His area of expertise lies in the User Centered Design (UCD) process that includes user research, concept design, prototyping, user testing, interative testing(because nothing is perfect the first time), and success measurement.  With “An average of 85% of
convertable users are lost due to poor user experience”, Andrew’s expertise and passion are necessary for businesses that are serious about ensuring a positive customer experience, every time.

Learn more about Andrew Hirst and Clickthrough.biz!