Productivity tools are especially essential for new start-ups, as they help you track progress towards key goals and benchmarks during your crucial first few months of operation. With the advent of digital technology, productivity tools have become more accessible, specialized and effective than ever before. Some of the most helpful options include time tracking tools, project management software, CRM software, marketing tools and accounting tools.

Here’s a closer look at how each of these productivity tools can help you manage your time, money and business:

  1. Time tracking software. Products such as Timefox and FunctionFox give you in-depth analyses of the amount of time spent on specific tasks and projects, helping you improve customer service and boost organizational efficiency.
  2. Project management software. There are plenty of project management options on the market, which can help you track progress of single or multiple ongoing projects. You can quickly and easily manage deliverables, meet milestones, share files and organize communications.
  3. CRM software. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you provide superior customer service by storing customer contact information, transaction histories, purchase preferences, service calls, meeting notes and more all in one convenient place. Check out Highrise from, or visit if you want tools designed to support single-person operations.
  4. Internet marketing tools. These are perhaps your most important ally, as creating, maintaining and updating your online presence is key to attracting business in today’s competitive landscape. Major Internet players like Google as well as niche sites like HubSpot can help you do everything from building a website and managing site content to creating online ad campaigns, converting visitors and generating leads.
  5. Accounting tools. Keeping track of your finances is crucial to your financial success, and productivity tools like FreshBooks and QuickBooks help you manage everything from customer accounts and invoicing to taxes and payroll. Also, be sure to offer your customers as wide a range of payment options as possible. Take advantage of services like PayPal in addition to allowing the safe and secure processing of online credit card payments.

There are many tools and resources out there to help you get your business started and ensure success once you have your Business Plan ready.  Research and choose the ones the best meet your budget and your businesses needs.