How often do you search for everyday products and services online? And how often do your searches help obtain those products and services? More times than not, you probably use the internet to fulfill your every need!

Businesses with a website are cashing in on new customer sales and the world of online commerce is a boat you don’t want to miss. Websites provide credibility to potential customers and furthermore distinguish their brand from their competitors.

Customer’s first stop for products and services is an online search. And even if a customer is already familiar with your brand, they check your online presence to know what you have to offer, hours of operation, locations and more. Yet only 64% of small businesses have a website…. What better platform to help customers make a purchase decision than your own?

In today’s digital era, every successful small business owner would recommend a website. Here’s why:

1. Good First Impression

In the digital playing field, a platform that trends today may not trend tomorrow but your website will forever remain your digital storefront. This is exactly why it needs to make a good first impression and you can do so by keeping in mind a variety of factors- the user experience, the layout, etc. From how quickly your website buffers to how it looks, everything counts.

A website serves both as a marketing as well as a sales tool for your audience, so make sure it makes a good first impression!

2. Credibility

87% of shoppers begin searching for products and services they need online. The culture of in-the-moment searches is driving more and more online commerce transactions. Even when referred to your business, customers turn online to research your brand. With no web presence, customers may question why, or even the validity of your business.

This is one of the main reasons why small businesses need a website. A website gives you visibility and builds your brand’s credibility.

3. A Wider Audience

Taking your business online will open a lot more markets for your company that weren’t accessible before. Consider your website to be an alternative channel for you to reach your potential customers. A professional business website gives you an instant global presence! Are you ready?

4. Everyone’s online!

From your consumers to your competitors, everyone is online. Your customers evaluate products by comparing them online first before interacting with your company – whether physically or digitally. Not having a website means customers will shop somewhere else, most likely your competitors.

Why wait any longer when your customers are looking for you? Make a website!

5. Customer Testimonials


In the age of online shopping, it is almost impossible to make a purchase without reading online reviews. Offering a section for customer reviews on your website will give you a positive online presence as customer feedback will help you look trustworthy, authentic and also make you more visible on search engines.

Customer testimonials have gradually become an important part of branding, so make sure to add that when you make a website!

You’re all set in the physical world. It’s time for you to take over the digital world! Before you start building your website, you first need to establish your web address. Let’s make a buzz with .biz!