Since its founding in 2001, .Biz has built a strong reputation and community of entrepreneurs around the world. It’s a name that resonates across borders and cultures, encouraging small business owners to be their own brand, online. A trusted and professional domain name, .Biz is and continues to be the choice domain name for small businesses everywhere – from the U.S. and Europe to China and India – to represent and identify their business on the web.

.Biz enables thousands of businesses to succeed in domestic and international marketplaces, and grow their revenue in an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape.

The .Biz community is dedicated to protecting their business and brand, while ensuring future creativity and expansion through their strong web presence.

Moreover, they share these 10 EntrepreTRUISMS:

  1. They are non-conventional and focus on how to differentiate their brand and their business.
  2. They are risk-takers.
  3. They’re not fearful of failure and focus on how to succeed.
  4. They are fast-moving.
  5. They make quick but educated decisions.
  6. They know that they can do what they do better than anyone else.
  7. They control their own personal and professional destiny.
  8. They are consumed by being in control.
  9. They are their brand and represent their business with every decision they make.
  10. They are responsible for making their business succeed.

If you and your business share these entrepreTRUISMS – we invite you to join the .Biz community today. Choose a domain name that has stood the test of time and allows you to showcase your brand, creativity and business leadership in the online space.

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