This week, .biz is recognizing, an independent investment advising website based in Malaysia. The company began as a simple newsletter in 1989 and moved online in 2002. Each week, the newsletter features timely analysis of the stock market and economic landscape, recommendations for stock purchase, updates on market trends and more.

Often described as “one of the country’s most iconoclastic and critical research outfits,” was the first investment advisor in the country of Malaysia. The company attributes its long-term success to nine key reasons, including: a humble claim, a sound framework, independent nature and bilingual format, among other reasons. has been featured across industry-leading publications such as Business Times, Investors Digest, Shares Investment and Malaysian Reserve. With a long history of credibility and value, the business is able to sustain low registration rates for print and online content. With iCapital’s .biz website, they are able to save on overhead printing costs, grow their audience and continue to offer valuable resources to investors worldwide.

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