3 Ways You Can Measure Online Influence in Minutes

19 Jul

Business savvy entrepreneurs everywhere understand the importance of getting their business online. However, once there – many fail to measure the direct influence and impact that their online presence has on new business, customer loyalty and reputation.

There are several free tools and resources available to help you connect your online results with ROI. You can start measuring your online influence and impact across your website, social media and sales & revenues — all in a matter of minutes.


Company analytics:
If you haven’t already started using Google Analytics to monitor your website activity, follow these simple instructions to add it to your site now. Google Analytics is a free tool that will provide you with invaluable data around where your visitors are  coming from and how they are engaging with your content.

Use this service to access and automate:

  • Reports: Tailor weekly, daily or monthly reports for your specific needs – from number/demographics of web visitors and PPC ad performance, to website referrals, ecommerce and content trends.
  • Dashboards: Design personalized dashboards with the analytics, visuals and comparisons that are valuable to you. Place your dashboard on your internal websites with customizable widgets or set up automated alerts to your company email.
  • Promotions: Create google tracking codes for each link (to your website) you distribute externally. Distribution outlets could include social media, email, forums and more. Filter results of each promotional campaign within google analytics (Traffic Sources >> Sources >> Search >> Campaigns).

Competitor analytics:
Now that you have access to your Web site analytics, you’re probably wondering how you compare to your competitors. Compete.com is a great resource that allows you to benchmark your data against others in the marketplace. You can also use SimilarSites.com to find other information about competitor websites including keywords and rankings. After checking your site against competitors, you might find that your website doesn’t measure up quite as you hoped. The reason for this may be attributed to your website having a low SEO ranking on popular industry key words.

SEO Checker:
SEOCentro provides a quick “rank checker,” which allows you to identity where your website ranks on search results for specific keywords. The tool also lists those websites who rank above and below your website according to search term.

Stay tuned for our next two posts in this series – covering tips and tools to measure online influence and impact across the areas of Social media and Sales.

Trains & Travel International Keeps Moving with .Biz

16 Jul

.Biz is pleased to recognize Trains & Travel International. Based out of California, this business leverages .biz to reach customers worldwide and move quickly on the ecommerce tracks.

Traintrips.biz train ride excursions, ranging from a few days to weeks, spanning across the United States, South Africa, China, Europe, Mongolia, Russia and more. Since 1997, the company has completed hundreds of trips specifically designed for families, photographers and general tourists.

With .biz, Trains and Travel International continues to attract millions of adventure hopefuls to their website — selling out almost every trip. Check out Traintrips.biz and start planning your next trip today!

Sneak Peek: Third Quarter Best of .Biz Nominees

6 Jul

We’re excited to showcase 10 new .biz websites this quarter. Take a look and vote on your favorite .biz success story. Voting is open until Sunday, September 30, 2012 and each visitor is able to vote for each nominee once.

  • Golden Crown Panaderia
    For more than 30 years, goldencrown.biz has been the go-to bakery for bread-lovers in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Having traveled the world studying bread, Italian owner Pratt Morales is dedicated to keeping the art of bread-making alive for future generations everywhere to enjoy. Made fresh daily, the bread contains 100% whole grain flour.
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  • AIS Online
    Leading software development firm AIS Online is dedicated to delivering competitive and affordable solutions to companies across the education, ecommerce, healthcare and media sectors. Through leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Web2, Flex and Ajax, the company provides a wide array of web services, e-learning, mobile apps and interactive solutions.
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  • Tianguis
    Independent Latino bookseller Tianguis began three years ago in a Chicago brick-and-mortar storefront. The company recently took an exciting step and moved all operations to their .BIZ website. With an online presence, Tianguis can now offer a larger selection of books for its customers.
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  • Sidd
    Singapore-based entrepreneur Siddhesh Scindia created Sidd Productions, a business consultancy that offers services in web hosting, design, photography, management and promotion. Siddhesh showcases audio and visual samples of his work on his posh .BIZ website and leverages his more than 700-person following on Twitter to drive traffic to the site.
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  • Batdongsan
    Batdongsan is a Vietnamese Real Estate website that provides news and trends around the current real estate market in Vietnam. Batdongsan attracts leading brokers with its practical business advice, insider-information, local vacancies, legal counsel and property pricing index.
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  • Mobile-Sites.biz
    Mobile-Sites.biz offers the latest products, services and mobile technologies to help companies develop effective mobile websites and measurably increase mobile visitors. Popular features include the click to call button, mobile content management system, mobile detection and redirection service, google maps and social media, among others. With MobileSite.biz, your site will display correctly across more than 6,000 devices!
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  • Non-Profit Sites
    Non-ProfitSites.biz is a solutions and consulting website service specifically designed for the non-profit community. The company provides knowledge and technology to facilitate an effective web presence as well as manage operations, content, donations, news and media, and staff. Non-Profit Sites saves organizations time and money to focus more of their resources furthering their cause!
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  • SmallBizSites
    Small business owners have come to trust and rely on SmallBizSites for all their cloud, website, hosting and consulting needs. With “anytime, anywhere” solutions, SmallBizSites gives its customers the freedom and tools to conduct business at their convenience – all from the cloud! For an affordable price, users can get a professional web design, unlimited email addresses, site traffic and web storages, a free .biz domain name and on-going customer service support.
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  • WeddingSites.biz
    In just four easy steps, happy couples can publish their love story to the web with Websites.biz. The company offers a basic free version website that includes the couples’ names and story, motif and slide show photo gallery. A paid version has more bells, featuring a personalized .biz domain name, admin login for updating images and content, guest comment and message capabilities.
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  • School-Websites.biz
    The days of blackboards, printed lessons and paper syllabi are over. Today’s web-savvy students and parents are looking to the internet for complete educational information and resources. In order to stay competitive and credible, institutions must have an effective and multi-purpose website. School-Websites.biz provides the latest tools and technologies for schools to create a secure and reliable e-learning environment.
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This quarter, we’re happy to be awarding our nominees with a free 1-year Plus Plan (a $1,200 value) subscription to Bravo Video, a web-based platform that will enable small businesses to instantly capture video from customers, users and fans – right over the web. Learn more about Bravo Video and its capabilities here.

We invite you to enter any additional .biz sites in the What’s Your Story section as they will be eligible for a chance to be a nominee in Q4.

For 10 years, .biz has meant success for millions of businesses around the world. A special thank you to all for choosing .biz; we look forward to continuing to celebrate your online journey.