Neustar Partners with NSBA to Encourage Small Businesses to Get Online

23 Feb

Neustar is excited to announce a new partnership with the National Small Business Association (NSBA). The two organizations are joining forces to spread the word about connecting small businesses with new online venues.

Neustar administers the .biz generic top level domain, which has become a preferred domain name alternative for many small businesses worldwide. As an early user of .biz, the National Small Business Association understands the importance of being online to boost business growth. Both Neustar and NSBA are committed to helping small businesses get online and be found.

According to a study by 1&1 Internet, 80 percent of businesses with a website say they’re “essential” and with 85 percent of consumers searching online before they buy, small businesses are encouraged to build their online presence.

What .BIZ means to Small Businesses

21 Feb

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, .biz is all about recognizing small business success. We have highlighted 10 that are competing for the first quarter – Best of .biz Award. As we decided on the first top sites to feature and started crafting their stories, we realized some similarities across all of them. Although industry-diverse, each of these sites has a unique mission to set themselves apart from other businesses and needed a domain name that would help them accomplish success.

Below are some excerpts from each of their stories featured on and awaiting your vote and support!

  1. One most notable quote came from Tammy Fink, owner of Blue Water Designs – “.biz has helped me grow Blue Water’s client base. I not only got the name I wanted—but the business to match.”
  2. For, securing a .biz domain was the perfect fit for their business-minded audience.
  3. realized a potential market for everything in travel sizes and took this “business” online at minimus .biz.
  4. Though the Recharge Sports Injury Center already had the ingredients for a successful business model, this .biz success story really took off when they went online. The clinic was better able to spread the about its professional services and educate the public on salient issues in the world of spinal health.
  5. A Bajillion Hits became a .biz success story by providing clients with complete marketing and technical support across a comprehensive cross-section of online and digital platforms.
  6. Naked Pizza is a unique .biz success story. It’s not just another pizza restaurant. It’s an eco-friendly, socially conscious business with revolutionary ideas about the fast food and take-out industry.
  7. British designer Adrian Morley realized his dream in early 2003 and launched an agency that combines creative logic, eye-catching design and commercial awareness to create exciting ideas that engage the target market and workforce.
  8. Fitch, an award-winning global agency with 12 international studios, is featured as a .biz success story for being bold.
  9. Just like .biz, exists to help self-starters, small businesses and entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of launching successful businesses.
  10. An award-winning world leader in SEO as recognized by, ArteWorks is known for delivering innovation and long-term results by keeping an eye on what’s next.

Are you a .biz owner with a success story and interested in sharing? We are waiting to hear from you!

A Look in the Rearview: How the Internet Has Changed Since 2001

16 Feb

Since .biz debuted in late 2001, it’s grown and changed rapidly like the Internet itself. As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, here’s a look at Web milestones over the past decade, courtesy of Was there really ever a world without Social Media?


  • The Internet has 500 million users.


  • Mozilla 1.0, which will eventually evolve into Firefox, is released. Internet Explorer has a 95 percent share of the browser market.


  • MySpace is launched.


  • The first version of Firefox is released and soon becomes a serious contender to Internet Explorer’s stranglehold.
  • Google undergoes IPO via Dutch Auction format.
  • Facebook is launched.


  • Jesse James Garrett coins the term AJAX and launches.
  • Google launches blog search, but Technorati is still entrenched as the blog search leader.


  • Social networking sites and services sprout up like adolescent acne and the term “Web 2.0” becomes a mantra :-).
  • Twitter is founded as a research and development project.
  • According to MessageLabs, spam is now 64.8% of all global email.


  • The term “bacn” comes into usage. Bacn refers to the many email alerts received by subscribers and members of social networking services that threaten to inundate their inboxes.
  • Spam now comprises 90% of all enterprise email.
  • Netscape announces the browser will soon no longer be developed or supported.


  • Google celebrates its 10th birthday.
  • 1.1 billion people are using the Internet and women now outnumber men online.
  • 120,000 new blogs are being created globally every day.


  • China now has the largest online population in the world.
  • Over 162 million Top Level Domain Names (TLDs) were registered up until the end of the first quarter of 2008.
  • Google’s launches new entry into the Web browser sphere, Google Chrome.
  • According to Nielsen Online, 79% of US consumers have made an online purchase in the last 6 months.
  • Over 100.1 million web sites were in operation as of March 2008.


  • The Internet now has 1.5 billion users and there are over 100 billion live web pages.


  • Internet stocks explode with triple-digit gains, leaving investors awestruck. Thanks to its streaming video offerings, movie-rental site Netflix (NFLX) soared 237% to $180.27 a share.
  • Google leaves China after the search giant and the Chinese government butted heads over censorship issues.


  • World IPv6 Day is celebrated in June to highlight the depletion of IPv4 addresses, along with the corresponding growth of the IPv6.

What’s ahead in 2012? It’s predicted that over 154 million buyers will be online this year. Plus, 88% of Internet users will browse or research products. If your business has a website, congrats—you’re in position to cash in. If you’re not online, it’s time your business built a Web presence. Start with the right domain name. Start here with today!