BigRock and .BIZ Launch Program to Bring More Indian Businesses Online

18 Jun

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BigRock, an Indian domain registrar and web hosting company, today announced that is has joined hands with Neustar to promote .biz as the preferred domain for small businesses in India.

Elaborating on the campaign, Bhavin Turakhia, Founder of BigRock said, “Since we launched BigRock a few years ago, we have worked hard to bring home the message of why being online matters to Indian businesses through our unique messaging. For this .biz program we have just launched, we wanted to appeal to a small business owner’s intrinsic pride of ownership in her/his business – which is something we believe connects every single business owner out there, whether big or small.

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Why you should get a .BIZ domain name

4 Jun

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by, Ethan Conley,

[…] To me, the best thing about a .BIZ domain name is flexibility. It opens up some options that just aren’t available with .COM.

No need to include “store” or “shop” in your domain name

You’re a small business owner named Mike. You’ve got a hardware store named (drum roll) Mike’s Hardware Store, and you want to create a basic website with contact information, directions, hours, etc. is already taken. Which of these available domain names is easier for customers to remember and type into an address bar?

Option A: (22 characters)
Option B: (17 characters)

Not only is option B shorter, but the .BIZ ending makes it unnecessary to include “store” in your domain name.

Clears up ambiguity

Of course, whether you go with,, or some other variation, people will still get the idea that it’s a hardware store run by a dude named Mike. But what if your business name doesn’t convey exactly what your business does, or even that it’s a business at all?

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BigRock brings .BIZ to your TV screens

2 Jun

India has become an increasingly vital partner in today’s global economy. .BIZ empowers Indian entrepreneurs to create an online presence for their business, get their domain name, effectively represent their brand, and grow their business by competing on an international scale.

We’re proud to announce a new partnership with BigRock, a leading registrar in India. The company has launched a wide-spread campaign promoting .BIZ in India, comprised of online marketing, public relations and television advertising. The campaign will focus around educating Indian businesses on the importance of having a website and help them establish an online presence with .BIZ.

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