Part 2 – 10 Tips to Globalize Your .Biz Small Business Website

19 Dec

This is the second of a five-part series. Did you miss the first post? Read it here.

Below are tips 3 and 4 to help you globalize your .Biz website:

3.) IP Targeting:
IP Targeting provides a smart way for you to target and segment your website content and advertising to your customers based on their location and company IP address.  For example, you have the ability to deliver different products and pricing (via the same website address) to your customers in China vs. your customers in Europe. You can also redirect your website addresses to landing pages that are auto-translated−depending on what region your website is accessed.
Media, retail, gaming, travel and tourism businesses, among other industries, heavily rely on IP targeting to get the most ROI out of their website marketing efforts every day. Moreover, many companies tap into IP targeting to comply with local commerce laws and regulations – further described below.

4.) Local laws and regulations:
Different countries have very different laws and regulations when it comes to
websites and ecommerce. For small businesses looking to enter multinational markets, your market success is directly dependent upon following international rules with your website.

It may be worth the investment to hire a professional who knows international trade inside and out. However, if you are just beginning and lack the funding for a professional, the World Trade Organization offers great educational resources to help you start small. Don’t try to tackle every region at once, choose one or two regional markets to focus on first. Neustar’s IP Intelligence product is an example of many solutions available that can help small businesses like you stay compliant with online regulations. With IP Intel, you’ll avoid costly legal problems and negative publicity from accidently selling in countries or states that may restrict your products.

10 Tips to Globalize Your .Biz Small Business Website

17 Dec

This is the first of a five-part series.

Today, we’re seeing more locally-based businesses rely on the global online marketplace for long-term sustainability and growth. According to a study conducted by Interactive Media in Retail Group, global ecommerce is expected to grow to $1.25 trillion by 2013. Now more than ever, it’s important for small businesses to globally optimize their website to resonate with international audiences everywhere.

Below are 2 of 10 tips for small business owners to effectively “globalize” their website:

1.)   Start with your .Biz Domain
A recognized and trusted name around the globe, .Biz is a great place to start internationalizing your business. When choosing your .Biz domain name, make sure to choose a name that represents your global brand. Take some time to research names across the worldwide web to ensure that your name is not easily confused with a competitor. You may even want to test the name among some of your international target audiences to ensure that it has the same meaning across cultures.

Regardless of the name you choose, make sure to keep it short and easy to remember for your customers and prospects.

2.) Visual appearance:
Following your domain name, your website’s visual appearance is the first thing your visitors will notice when they arrive to your web page. Certain colors and images have multiple meanings across cultures – so choose these very carefully and test, test, test. If you’re using photos of real people, be sensitive to the nationalities you are representing, in the regions you are representing them. Other elements to consider include user experience such as simple navigation (horizontal is recommended) and organized content, plain font (Arial or Calibri) and HTML5 (JavaScript is not supported on all platforms).

As more and more web users around the world are accessing the internet through thousands of different mobile devices, all websites should now be built with “responsive design” (a design that optimizes design of websites for each mobile device). With responsive design, small businesses can ensure easy readability and a consistent look across all devices and platforms, no matter the size or quality of screen.

Stay tuned for our next four posts in this series – covering additional tips and tools to internationalize your website, including IP targeting, “glocal” SEO, language translation, security and more.

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.Biz Site of the Week: Engage Photography

17 Dec

Congratulations to our .Biz Site of the Week: Engage Photography.

For more than 10 years, this New York City-based digital photography studio has provided services for corporate business executives, online dating, actors, musicians, dancers, comedians, real estate agents, weddings, events, family portraits and more. client base includes CBS, Elizabeth Arden, OK magazine, Sesame Street, United Nations, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and Virgin, among others.

With their .biz website, Engage Photography showcases samples of their latest work for customers, from fashion and commerial shoots to weddings and nature occasions. Customer testimonials and press mentions are also highlighted.

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