Starting a business is no easy feat. But a business that’s been operating for nearly four decades? That’s truly rare. It’s one of the reasons that Fena Flowers stands out.

The Kirkland, Wa.-based florist recently celebrated 36 years in business. Since Fena Flowers’ founding in 1988, trends have changed and the way of doing business has evolved—hello, online shopping!—but one thing that’s never wavered is the business’s commitment to providing high-quality, creative arrangements in any style and at every budget. They service not only the local Seattle area but can arrange to have stunning flowers delivered globally.

Fena Flowers’ mission is to provide its customers with the best product and designs at a competitive price. “We are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and searching for new growers and suppliers near and far,” said founder Judi Tsuchida. “The weather has affected the availability of our flowers, so we are now chasing them around the world.”

Two websites with two different purposes

Once flowers are secured, the team put together some truly stunning arrangements. In fact, it was being able to showcase the florists’ work that led to The shop already has a .com domain name that’s used as its e-commerce site, where customers can purchase flowers. But the Judi wanted a dedicated spot to show off the beautiful floral designs that the team has worked on.

For potential customers who want inspiration on how Fena Flowers can help florally design their big events, like weddings or corporate events, the photo galleries on are a treasure trove of ideas. There, clients can browse how Fena Flowers’ arrangements have graced ceremonies, jazzed up wedding cakes, spruced up a reception, and helped bring a wedding dress or suit to life. It’s a gorgeous display of artistry and a clever way to make use of a second domain name.

Having a dedicated site that caters to a specific demographic—people considering Fena Flowers for their special day—makes sense for the business. It means that their main site can focus on the more straightforward tasks of taking and fulfilling orders for everyday occasions like birthdays and holidays, making it more likely to convert potential customers into paying ones.

On the flip side, major events like weddings or corporate functions are big-ticket items, which usually take more time and consideration for a client to choose a vendor. Having a separate site that displays some of the work that Fena Flowers is most proud of, without other distractions, means that clients can view the breadth of the shop’s work, see relevant examples, and get pricing for their event. It’s a smart way to keep people engaged without the being pushy or overwhelming. It’s this attention to client needs that’s kept Fena Flowers in business for 36 years. Here’s to the next few decades!