Author: Chirag Gadara

As natural organic traffic is the most valuable traffic for every online business owner, blogger and webmasters. Hence, to drive that valuable organic traffic from search engines to our website or blog, we must imply some strategies that work best for offline SEO and to improve SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking.

According to most SEO experts, the most popular and most valuable SEO parameter that affects your organic traffic is the link authority. In other words, if you want to beat the competition to rank higher for the particular keyword, your link must have enough valuation that can say to Google “Hey, I serve the most relevance information for this keyword on internet”. Confused? Let me explain.

What most webmasters and bloggers do is they find the keywords and make keyword optimized content for their website and then they will use some SEO strategies to rank higher in search engines for those particular keywords.

I know, you can also do the same (or might be doing already) for creating highly optimized content for your website, but what we want to know is SEO strategies being used by your competitors and those top ranking website developers.

The very first strategy they use is Link Building and the second one is link building and the third one… It’s link building only. Yes, it’s true, only with link building you can beat the competition and rank higher than your competitors. Here I have some truth that will show you why I believe that numbers and quality of backlinks is the only way to rank higher in search engines.

Truth One: When you and your competitors have created keyword optimized content for the same keywords and you both want to rank higher for the same keywords, how Google will decide that who is the best? Of course, Google will check the link authority first, it will check that which link (Yours or your competitor’s) is more popular on internet and most linked by others. It is link building.

Truth Two: If you are in internet marketing or SEO field since a long, you might be aware of spam websites who rank on the top in Google for limited period (they might be using black hat techniques) and then suddenly thrown out of Google when they raised the red alarm in Google headquarter. And there is only one thing they can do in short period of time is creating hundreds and thousands of backlinks for that keyword as anchor text. I don’t think I need to discuss how they do so. Again, it is link building.

Truth Three: Because most SEO expert (including me) out there on internet keeps talking the same and everything like Article marketing, blog commenting, social media marketing are being used to build the backlinks only. So again it is…

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