Author:  Justice Wordlaw

Before you even have the chance to write the content on your website or blog you have to have a domain. But, one of the biggest questions that always get asked is should I purchase all of the domain names that I am going after? Does it matter if I purchase dot biz, dot org, dot net,.co, dot me? Or should I just stick with .com if it is available for my domain name? Well, those questions are going to get answered today. I know for myself I thought those same things when I first started looking into domain names and was wondering how I could use SEO for a specific domain.

I purchase all of my domain names from GoDaddy. There an amazing company, easy to use and I understand them the most. When you are searching to see if an domain name is available they pop up with all available domain names that you searched for. Most commonly your dot biz or dot co is the cheapest ones that are available at the time. But, from my understanding and research any of those domain names that pop up that are available are still going to need the same amount of work to drive traffic to them.

Question: Does it matter if I purchase dot biz, dot co or dot net?

Answer: No, it does not matter in my opinion. You are going to still have to place the same amount of SEO work to get the attention of the search engines. Your going to have to understand how to get back links to those domain names as well. My understanding is that .com is just like Nike or McDonalds. Everyone knows who they are and how they look before anyone else suggests them to you. .Com is just an ordinary from that most domains have. Just because you purchase a .com does not mean you will have instant traffic to your site.

Question: Should I purchase all of the domain names for my site?

Answer: For what?  What are you trying to accomplish with this? All you need to do is purchase the one domain name that you would like best and focus on improving that. You won’t see any rapid growth or change at least for an year and that is only with consistent work and money invested in your domain name and SEO work for your site.

Domain names is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and companies. That is where the branding of your company begins. So, don’t make it more complicated than what it already is, your focus should be on a good name, not on if you should purchase dot biz or dot net. The next time you start debating on domain names think about:

  • What brand you’re trying to give off?
  • What specific niche of people are you going to be targeting?
  • What does your competition already use?
  • Do you want something long or short?

Having something that is long could benefit you or it could damage your brand before you even make one dollar.