Author:  Roberb21

The Internet has been around for a number of years, and with web hosting companies making it easier to reserve and operate a website under a specific name, sought-after addresses are sometimes already taken. So what is a business to do when the company’s desired domain name ending in .com is already taken by someone else?

There are a few options: The company could buy out the owner for the name, come up with a name that is more complicated or different from the one the corporation originally wanted or look at one of the other top-level domain (TLD) options beyond the familiar .com.

Because .com names that are more likely to appear at the top of a web search are sometimes already taken, the Domain Name System developed a new moniker for businesses on the web that would still immediately signify the site as commercial and not a non-profit organization (.org) or network (.net). For that reason, biz was created as an alternative TLD to .com. Registering this way is no more complicated than claiming other domain name alternatives and immediately signifies the site belongs to a company.

Registering for this type of domain name does not have the legal qualifications that a .org would have or any geographical restrictions. The only stipulation is that the site registered under that name must be used for commercial use.

Though not as common as .com, the .biz domain name is not anything new on the Internet, as it has been around since 2001 and, as of 2008, its registry had reached 2 million names, which pushed it into the top ten of TLDs. Because the domain name is now well-established, using it can finally allow a business to have a clear, easy-to-search-for website address that looks every bit as professional as a traditional .com.

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