This weeks spotlight is on  The concept for this franchise is all about Natural ingredients- so in essence- Natural equals Naked.  They are focused on fresh ingredients that make for a healthier pizza without compromising on taste!

Straight from Naked Pizza co-founder,  Robbie Vitrano,  “About 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail because we make it all about BIG changes—often in terms of trading down—but it’s the little things that get us in the game.  So we made a delicious pizza that’s still round, still comes in a square box, but that is healthier because we paid attention to nature and nutritional science and tweaked the recipe, like losing the sugar and freaky chemicals and using multiple grains instead of a single, highly processed one. If we can make one of the world’s most popular and unhealthy fast foods healthier, anything is possible.”

With 28 locations now open and continuing to grow- this franchise is sure to take the pizza industry by storm!  Check out more about Naked Pizza today!