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12 Simple Email Marketing Tips that will Make Your Open Rates Skyrocket

Email marketing is the number one tool for driving lead generation efforts. Email subscribers represent an engaged and interested user group that has already expressed interest in your brand. This is your fan base! As people become more and more inundated with emails...

SEO: Beware of the dark side

Search engine optimization offers benefits for those who understand its nuances and dangers for those who don’t. Being at the top of a search engine results page can mean the difference between business success and failure. So, what would you do to ensure a listing there? Absolutely anything?
If so, you could be walking into a minefield.

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Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter

You know you must leverage Facebook, Twitter and word-of-mouth marketing to increase awareness of your brand. But the fact is, websites remain infinitely more popular with consumers than all of the business pages on social media sites combined.

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Build a Website That Drives More Business

Small business is competitive. It’s not just about building a website. First, determine what your business does best, THEN develop a strategy for a site that will show clients why they should hire you, rather than your competition.

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