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12 Simple Email Marketing Tips that will Make Your Open Rates Skyrocket

Email marketing is the number one tool for driving lead generation efforts. Email subscribers represent an engaged and interested user group that has already expressed interest in your brand. This is your fan base! As people become more and more inundated with emails...

3 Simple Tips to Better Track Your Marketing Strategies

Sometimes marketing feels like pumping money into a black hole. What’s working? What’s not? How do you maximize your ROI? In this day and age, there is no reason you can’t answer these questions. A plethora of tools exist to provide insight into what is most...

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Success

Entering the New Year with a list full of resolutions can feel like hitting a reset button on life. Although most personal resolutions are dropped by February, businesses that set goals for the New Year are more motivated to keep their brand fresh, modern and...

Can a Facebook page replace your business’s website? Here are 6 reasons why it shouldn’t.

Most small businesses owners recognize that, in this digital era, they need an online presence. But some struggle with whether they need an actual website of their own or whether a Facebook page is enough. It’s a fair question. If you’re not technically savvy,...

Teach Your Kids to Code with a .BIZ

This article was originally published on Teaching kids to code or create websites is becoming an increasing popular idea. Coding is a skill that can help children develop new ways to problem-solve and get them ready for higher education and professional...

.Biz Shines the Spotlight on

.Biz is proud to feature, an all-natural and glutan free hummus dip. This product is served to United Airline guests, and has been featured in large media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Men's Health Magazine and Food & Drink Magazine, among...

Edit Smarter – with

Congratulations to our site of the week, From his .biz website, Larry Jordan offers online training, tutorials, webinars and virtual events to customers looking to improve their technical creativity skills. From Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite,...

Personalize Your Email with

This week, we're excited to showcase, a personalized email service that offers more than 15,000 premium email domains to choose from. With an easy cloud-based login system, users can acccess their .biz email from anywhere around the world, including their...

.Biz Site of the Week: Engage Photography

Congratulations to our .Biz Site of the Week: Engage Photography. For more than 10 years, this New York City-based digital photography studio has provided services for corporate business executives, online dating, actors, musicians, dancers, comedians, real estate...

.Biz Site of the Week: The Urban Hunter

We’re happy to highlight our Best of .Biz Q3 Nominee, The Urban Hunter, as this week’s Site of the Week. Operated online only, The Urban Hunter store sells functional and stylish gear for biking, surfing, skating and other outdoor activities. Based in the UK and...

All Domain Extensions Created Equal

Many people in the internet marketing community believe that you can rank better in search engine results by having a .com and is very hard to rank with. This is a myth, and has been proven by Google.

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Spotlight on .biz

The spotlight is shining on this week. CMIC is dedicated to providing New England’s healthcare professionals the industry’s best professional liability and business insurance products and services.

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The Hidden SEO Value of a .biz Domain

Domain names can be up to 67 characters so you don’t have to compromise and choose some shortened version with no connection to the real message you wish to convey. Remember to keep it short which means you should always consider a .Biz domains which are highly valuable and then to be available as shorter names.

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