Author: James Kwak

Internet usage has exploded around the globe, with people searching for every product and service imaginable; it makes for an industry that is in the trillions of dollars annually. Obviously, with these staggering figures, people are flocking in record numbers to try their hand in claiming a piece of the online Internet market.

Here are some basics you need to know before you start.

Planning & Preparation

I cannot stress the importance of this initial step. As with any project, planning and preparation will be the determining factor between success and failure of your endeavor. The key, will be finding your target audience, or keyword in the case with online Internet marketing. Just think of it like if you were to start a brick and mortar business. What would your product or service be? Who will be your target customer? How competitive is the market for this product or service? How much knowledge and most importantly, how passionate are you about this market or area? These questions (and hopefully much more) will have clear answers prior to starting your investment of money and more importantly, time. The idea of starting an online Internet marketing business is not that different. Yet it has to be even more prepared, more informative, more captivating, more value added since you only have a few seconds to retain a prospective buyer online.

Keyword research can be done for free with Google keyword tool. What you are looking for is a keyword to see what people are searching for and how often. This is equivalent to a market survey or feasibility study, which gives you the information about the target group or market. This will be the essence of what your site will be built around.

Selecting Domain Names

What’s in a name, having an easy to remember name is great but how will you let people know about it? Fortune 500 corporations with deep pockets constantly generate catchy, easy to remember names. However, they also back that up with multi-million dollar marketing campaigns to make people remember their names or brands. For the rest of us, especially if we are just starting out, we need a more affordable plan. Fortunately there is, and this can be easily achieved, using domain names that either are the actual keyword(s) that you have selected or some variation that includes it in the name. This will be viewed by the bots from the search engines as a positive, therefore it will be given preference over the ones that don’t have it, so select wisely.

Obviously there is much more to building an online internet marketing business. However, this will ensure a foundation for a steady “organic” growth of your website.

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