.biz Policies & Domain Management

Please click below to view information and policies regarding the management of your .biz domain name.


.biz Registration Policy:  Describes our policy regarding the registration of domain names in the .biz TLD
.biz Acceptable Use Policy:  Describes the acceptable use of the .biz domain name, our Service to you, and what action may be taken by us in the event of unacceptable use
Rapid Domain Compliance Process:  Process to mitigate against criminal and/or Internet security threats
.biz Registry Operations Policy :  Describes our intent to comply with policies and procedure adopted by ICANN that relate to the management of the .biz domain name
Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) :  Policies and language tables for alternative languages for .biz domain names.
Neustar DNSSEC Practice Statement : Details the practices Neustar use on behalf of the .biz domain name in the capacity as a Registry Service Provider
ICANN WHOIS: ICANN educational materials regarding WHOIS.