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You can now offer .biz domains to your registrants in their native languages with Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). With non-English alternatives to domain name registration, .biz continues to be globally relevant. With a majority of the world speaking non-English languages, .biz will continue to explore and add new IDN tables to its name space. Looking for the ability to offer a language not listed below? Please contact us to submit your suggestions and continue to check back often as we will update this site with additional information and IDN implementation timelines for .biz domain names.

Additional Information on Policies:

  • The Registry’s IDN implementation is fully compliant with ICANN’s IDN Guidelines version and all current RFCs, including 3490, 3491, and 3492.
  • .biz IDN language tables can be found at
  • IDN registrations are available in all restricted and unrestricted domain spaces.
  • Registrars must submit registration in PUNYCODE to be rebranded with .biz logo and copied from .co to .biz)
  • All IDN registrations must include the appropriate language tag

IDN Resources

.biz Policies
Chinese language IDN policy
Danish language IDN policy
Finnish language IDN policy
French language IDN policy
German language IDN policy
Hungarian language IDN policy
Icelandic language IDN policy
Japanese language IDN policy
Latvian language IDN policy
Lithuanian language IDN policy
Norwegian language IDN policy
Polish language IDN policy
Portuguese language IDN policy
Russian language IDN policy
Spanish language IDN policy
Swedish language IDN policy


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