Today’s consumers choose who to buy from based on their overall customer experience. With several businesses fighting tooth and nail to win customers over, a good and reliable delivery service can set you apart. Here are some tips that will help you with just that.

Have a clear shipping policy


First things first, a transparent shipping policy is fundamental for an online business. You must outline timelines, delivery charges and detail out possible delays and additional fees. A well-composed shipping policy is your ticket to smoother transitions for your products from your doorstep to your consumer’s door.

Choose the right carrier


Choosing the right shipping carrier is essential when it comes to making a good impression on your customers. Make sure to pick a carrier that makes sense for your shipping process, business size and budget. You must also ensure that the carrier you choose has a credible shipping policy and tracking mechanisms too. Choose a carrier company that will represent you and manage your deliveries as if they were an extension of your online business.

Communicate the order status


Proactive communication goes a long way in reducing customer anxiety and boosting customer satisfaction. Today’s connected customers expect timely notifications and an efficient tracking system so that they are aware about their orders all through the delivery process. Emails and SMS updates are a good way of keeping them in the loop about their orders, every step of the way.

Shipping insurance is a good idea


The day-to-day operations of your online business will keep you busy enough. Knowing you have coverage through insurance or through your express courier can help you worry less about your shipments. Most shipping companies have insurance already built into the shipping price. Hence, it is advised to do a little research on this when you are contemplating a tie-up with a carrier.

Handle returns


Returns are a crucial step to consider in the order fulfilment chain. A clear return policy on your website will do the trick! Some of the things to consider including in your policy are how the customer will initiate the return, who will pay for the shipping related to the return and how the customer’s account will be credited. You can ensure happy customers if your return process is seamless and hassle-free.

A delivery strategy can make or break brand reputation and getting it right is essential to the profitability of an online business. In conclusion, deliveries are last but definitely not the least.