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In order to ensure high recurring sales and renewal rates, we recommend that you follow these best practices when selling .biz domains.

  • Clearly separate .biz from other domains by highlighting its unique features, such as SEO benefits and optimization for mobiles
  • Create and maintain a dedicated .biz landing page
  • Tailor marketing to your audience
  • Promote our free .biz applications on the landing page
  • Drive renewals by demonstrating value and giving real-life examples
  • Encourage drop-catching expiring domains

To effectively market .biz domains you need to explain .biz differently from other domains and services. The best way is to create a dedicated landing page that highlights the unique advantages of .biz, and embed this information as callouts, links and and other visual means throughout your purchase paths and processes.

Here are the key messages explaining the .biz product offering:


Offer a quick and easy online presence

With .biz, businesses and individuals can setup their own web presence and be found online in minutes.


Showcase mobile optimisation

Increasingly, businesses and professionals realise the need for a fast, efficient and inexpensive mobile presence. Because of its unique characteristics, .biz is ideally positioned to respond to this demand.


Explain the SEO benefits

Due to its unique communication purpose and other SEO-friendly features, a .biz domain can be useful both as an independent asset, and as a tool for promoting other online resources.

Mobile search is growing exponentially and Google have recognised the importance to smartphone users that the sites they find are mobile friendly. As such they have introduced a “Mobile Friendly” tag to all of their mobile search results. All .biz domains, by being automatically mobile friendly, qualify for this label which is becoming an important differentiator for mobile users.