While conducting some recent research on the “Who’s Who” of social media for small businesses, I stumbled across a great resource with a library of infographics. The suite of infographics included the value of a social following, identifying a small business owner, the value of blogs for small businesses specifically, and so much more.

The Infographic that I found to be a true testament to the power of Social media was one released earlier this year and designed to help small businesses know where to start and where to spend their time. Andrew from Imbue Marketing highlights each of the networks unique point of difference is, who is using it (IE. demographics and the interests) as well as provides some guidance on how small businesses should be using the networks.

For Small businesses just getting started, this is an excellent guide to understanding the audiences on each as well as ways to utilize each tool. Aligning this information with your online business strategy should help you select where to start and what will reap the most reward for your business model.

Of the nine listed – I always recommend starting with those that are more widely known such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Next in line would be Youtube, Google+ and then based on the type of business, the others are more specialized for specific to common interests. The combined potential reach of the first three is well over 1 Billion and that opens up many doors.

The team at Imbue has captured the essence of each resource and the potential value they can bring to various types of businesses. While taking the leap into Social Media can be a bit “nerve racking” – using resources like this to prioritize your first steps and where to go next can make it all much more fun and rewarding for the small business owners that don’t have time to waste and need to find a way to reach and engage with their audiences often!