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Teaching kids to code or create websites is becoming an increasing popular idea. Coding is a skill that can help children develop new ways to problem-solve and get them ready for higher education and professional careers down the line.

One of the easiest ways to teach kids to code is to have them create a WordPress site. However, before you can teach kids how to make a website, they need a slice of the Internet to build on. We think .BIZ is a great domain for kids to be taught how to build websites on for a handful of reasons:

    1. Availability on .BIZ is great. This means your students can most likely get the names they want.
    2. The idea that they’re building a website on a .BIZ gives kids a feeling of maturity and motivates them to pursue coding. When they see the name .BIZ, it’ll make them feel like they’re building a real business … like a virtual lemonade stand!
    3. .BIZ domains are very affordable. They’re just $5.99 on

Once you’ve set your sights on teaching students to create their own websites, you need to find stellar tools to accomplish this goal. offers a tool called RapidPress that will give your students their own blog with just a click of a button. It’s a great solution because once your students have a blog up, they can pick which plugins and themes they want to use, and figure out how to tweak their site to do what they want it to do. Using RapidPress (which is powered by WordPress) is the perfect way to ease your students into coding and get them in the frame of mind of a web developer, and .BIZ is the perfect domain extension for your students’ first websites.