Multitasking seems to be the new everyday norm, with push notifications and unending open tabs constantly competing for our attention, how does your website cut through the noise and made a lasting impression? The fight for consumer attention wages on.

How do you make an impact online? The secret lies in how well your website is communicating your brand values and how quickly users are able to navigate and find the information they need.

In a digital world that’s awash with information, websites in 2020 need to deliver messages more clearly than ever before in order to stand out. Hence, it comes as no surprise that in 2020, web design best practices are all about intuitiveness, good use of visual elements and clarity in messaging.

 Following are the top 10 website design trends for 2020:

  1. Oversized type and elements
  2. Split screen content
  3. Solid color blocks
  4. Plenty of whitespace
  5. Exposed grid and windows
  6. Fluorescent 3D digital artwork
  7. Overlapping layers
  8. Motion and interactivity
  9. Fullscreen forms
  10. Tailored illustrations

1. Oversized Type and Elements

In order to communicate key messages clearly and quickly, enlarged elements such as big, bold typography, full screen images, oversized website icons and even videos take center stage to highlight services and encourage customers to further explore your website.

One key factor to consider when implementing this technique is to reduce the number of total design elements on each page so as not to clutter and confuse users with it with too many overlapping elements. Focus should remain on your key messaging for each page.

2020 website design trends - oversized typeImage source: Prince Ink


2. Split screen content

Let’s be honest. We have more than one idea to communicate. Yet, taking the above point into consideration we can’t make our site cluttered. Web developers need design ways to communicate necessary information while keeping the layout simple. A big trend coming into 2020 is use of split screen design techniques, breaking a rectangular screen into two parts and adding some surprising asymmetry into the mix by playing around with scroll effects and making each side move at different pace.

 2020 website design trends - split screen content

Image Texas Beard Company

3. Solid color blocks

Maximizing the split screen trend, using solid color blocks to display content in a brief summary format, triggers user interest and encourages stickiness of visits with increased page depth and time on site.

2020 website design trends - solid color blocks

Image Itsashapechristmas


4. Plenty of whitespace

White space is all about leaving areas empty to provide a breath of fresh air for a visitor. Under the design principles that will be followed in 2020, white space will be important to retain a user and increase conversion rate. It is not just about the background color. It includes the spacing between the lines & the space around each visual.


5. Exposed grid and windows

When a user visits our website, especially if it’s the first time, let’s use elements in the form of thin strokes and lines that will guide their eyes in the desired reading direction. A user who gets the right assistance will likely be spending more time on your website.

 website design trends - exposed grid

 Image source: Videoblocks


6. Fluorescent 3D digital artwork

The quicker you grab a visitor’s attention, the better positioned you are to move into, and remain, in a user’s consideration set. 3D artwork is not new, but its usage is increasing with time. They act as little eye candies that grab a user’s attention.

7. Overlapping layers

Adding layers on top of each other adds to the depth of our 2D screen, making it more impactful and adding to the curiosity of users to explore what’s lying beneath. This can be done by optimal usage of white space, placing multiple images on top of each other, etc.

website design trends - overlapping layers

Image source: Elegant Themes


8. Motion and interactivity

With attention spans decreasing, any moving elements on your website can increase attention. From micro animation to typography running across the screen, smart usage of motion graphics can be impactful in the long run.

 website design trends - motion and interactivity

Image source: lighthousebrewing

9. Fullscreen forms

The simple act of expanding a form so that it takes up more room on the page makes it more inviting to interact with. As a result, full screen forms can improve user experience.

website design trends - full screen forms

 Image source: Croptrust


10. Tailored illustrations

Web designers these days are increasingly utilizing visual elements like icons and appropriate illustrations to craft a brand identity and communicate offerings in the simplest manner.

2020 is all about making the right use of the resources available and effective strategies to make your business stand out from the rest. So without further ado, get your website domain with .biz and start exploring the digital world filled with endless opportunities.