We’re excited to announce that Green Alliance, a company dedicated to bringing attention to local businesses that are doing right for our planet, was selected as this week’s .BIZ Site of the Week. Located out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Green Alliance is a membership service offering customers discounts to save on local green goods and services. For a low fee of $35/year, enviro-minded consumers get access to exclusive deals and discounts with nearly 100 local green shops, ranging from health and wellness to dining and entertainment.

Join Green Alliance’s mission to help reward businesses that are engaging in sustainable practices and educate others on how they can positively impact the environment through making green-conscious purchases. Click here to become a member or give the gift of green to a family member or friend. You can also sign up for the Green Alliance Newsletter to receive tips on how to become a green-savvy consumer and what businesses are doing to shrink their environmental footprint.

We’re proud to have socially responsible businesses like Green Alliance in our .BIZ community! It’s local businesses like Green Alliance that make our world a better place. To find out how you can join the .BIZ network, visit https://mybizprod.wpengine.com. It’s socially responsible businesses like Green Alliance that make .BIZ what it is today.