In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, .biz is all about recognizing small business success. We have highlighted 10 that are competing for the first quarter – Best of .biz Award. As we decided on the first top sites to feature and started crafting their stories, we realized some similarities across all of them. Although industry-diverse, each of these sites has a unique mission to set themselves apart from other businesses and needed a domain name that would help them accomplish success.

Below are some excerpts from each of their stories featured on and awaiting your vote and support!

  1. One most notable quote came from Tammy Fink, owner of Blue Water Designs – “.biz has helped me grow Blue Water’s client base. I not only got the name I wanted—but the business to match.”
  2. For, securing a .biz domain was the perfect fit for their business-minded audience.
  3. realized a potential market for everything in travel sizes and took this “business” online at minimus .biz.
  4. Though the Recharge Sports Injury Center already had the ingredients for a successful business model, this .biz success story really took off when they went online. The clinic was better able to spread the about its professional services and educate the public on salient issues in the world of spinal health.
  5. A Bajillion Hits became a .biz success story by providing clients with complete marketing and technical support across a comprehensive cross-section of online and digital platforms.
  6. Naked Pizza is a unique .biz success story. It’s not just another pizza restaurant. It’s an eco-friendly, socially conscious business with revolutionary ideas about the fast food and take-out industry.
  7. British designer Adrian Morley realized his dream in early 2003 and launched an agency that combines creative logic, eye-catching design and commercial awareness to create exciting ideas that engage the target market and workforce.
  8. Fitch, an award-winning global agency with 12 international studios, is featured as a .biz success story for being bold.
  9. Just like .biz, exists to help self-starters, small businesses and entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of launching successful businesses.
  10. An award-winning world leader in SEO as recognized by, ArteWorks is known for delivering innovation and long-term results by keeping an eye on what’s next.

Are you a .biz owner with a success story and interested in sharing? We are waiting to hear from you!