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They say it’s the little things in life that count, and for startups that rely on their .biz website to drive revenue and awareness, nothing could be truer.  Yet it’s also these little things that typically get overlooked, and if you’re not careful, ignoring them, can bring your online presence to a screeching halt before your business has the chance to take off.

Building a website is considerably different than it was 10, five or even two years ago. Security threats are more complex, traffic patterns are more unpredictable and differentiation is even more difficult in the competitive and crowded search marketplace. As technology evolves on a daily basis, business owners need to constantly re-evaluate the domain names and tools they use and ensure that they are keeping pace with the latest trends that can impact their business.

1)      Choosing the right  web address
Too many startups make the mistake of failing to register the right web address when building their sites. So just what is the “right” address?

To start, you want it to be something that’s easily remembered, easy to type and, if applicable, best represents the community you’re a part of, whether physical or virtual. If your customers are searching online, having an appealing, easily remembered site address is a surefire way to make your site findable.

Another way to make your site address memorable is to consider the last three letters, or the part “to the right of the dot.” This is also known as a top-level domain, and although .com is obviously the most ubiquitous domain, why not consider using your TLD as another differentiator for your business? For example, registering a .biz or any other such TLD can help your brand stand out among other small businesses.

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