What is .biz?

.biz is for those looking to bring their business up to date. Simply put, they want to start and grow online, right here and now. And .biz is the no frills, straightforward, global TLD that’ll help them kickstart their digital presence.

Introduced in 2001, .biz is one of today’s most trusted top level domains meeting the highest security standards. In a crowded digital landscape, .biz stands out as the highly memorable, accessible and global domain that means business. The barriers to creating a digital presence are lower than ever before and businesses of all kinds are growing online with .biz. The future of business is here and .biz is trending up.

Why .biz?

.biz is Trusted

Introduced in 2001, .biz is one of today’s most trusted top level domains, used by millions of businesses worldwide.

.biz Means Business

The .biz domain is highly memorable and stands out in a digital landscape filled with more common domains.

.biz is Versatile

.biz is the web address that grows with you, supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes, in every corner of the world.

.biz is Dependable

With a .biz, you can rest easy knowing your new domain meets the highest security standards.

A domain for the future of your business.

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