A DomainsBot study on secondary market trends by  Emiliano Pasqualetti, with assistance from Antony Van Couvering

Picking the perfect domain name is one of the most critical, but also one of the most difficult parts of launching an online presence.  Let’s face it, finding a valuable .com is very tough and unless you can live with hyphens, strange word combinations, misspellings, or some combination of all of the above you have to be creative and think outside the box.  This is why more and more business owners are now considering .biz domains as a perfect solution.

Domain industry insiders from AfterNIC have studied the facts and have answered two important questions.

  1. Is shorter better?
  2. Are fewer keywords better than more?

Their conclusions were as follows:

  • The proposition that fewer keywords and fewer number of characters mean more valuable domain names is generally upheld, but there are surprising and significant exceptions
  • Value is significantly affected by whether a domain name contains “lexical” components (or “real” words”), or “short” (non-grammatical) components
  • The importance of “lexical” component grows as the number of keywords grows
  • Two-character domain names are exceptionally valuable
  • One-keyword domain names longer than 2 characters gain in value as they grow longer, up to about 8 characters; the top domains of this area are “lexical” names made of two or three syllables
  • Two-keyword domain names gain in value as they grow longer, up to about 11 characters, then descend in value
  • One-keyword domain names are worth on average about 3 times more than 2-keyword domain names, and 4.5 times more than 3-keyword domain names

You can read the whole study on Domain Name Value by Keyword and Length to learn more.  It’s pretty fascinating information and can give you a tremendous advantage when picking your next domain name. https://mybizprod.wpengine.com/?p=49