author: Suzana Uzelac (aka Firefly)

You can rank high without TLD

It was well-known that Google and other search engines preferred TLD such as (.com), (.net) or (.org) much more than i.e. .cc. A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) names are now ranking higher than ever.

Back in June of 2006, just after Montenegro gained their independence, new ccTLD was born. (.me) TLD for country of Montenegro grows to be one of the most purchased domain extension in the world. How popular .me is shows Yahoo!  with their recent purchase of domain name for their Micro blogging (Twitter like) site called meme.

Now let us go back to analyze why you as business or even personal website should not be limited to Top-Level Domains.

Recent study conducted by OnlinePress reports that domain extension is no longer as important as they use to be. Shortly after Google released their new “Universal Search” non-tld sites started popping out on numerous search engine search terms.

“For example, if you Google the keyword Press you will find sites such as on the top of your search results” says Emil Uzelac, founder of

This study proves that if website is optimized properly or if there is enough quality keywords in domain name the site will have great SERP regardless if they are TLD or not.

“Just take this into consideration as well, the same ranks higher than well know “Associated Press” ( listed on place number 7” continues Uzelac

What was very intriguing about the study reported by “OnlinePress” is that the site they are mentioning is not even in English language.

Conclusion: If you are worried about whether your domain name is .com or not, or in what language your content is, we suggest that you think again.

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