Dr Ralph F. Wilson is the Godfather of web marketing and is truly a pioneer when it comes to building an online business. He provides some of the most useful and insightful perspectives you’ll find when it comes to marketing your business online.

He sums up domain selection into the following core principles:
1. A good domain name is relatively short
2. A good domain name is memorable
3. A good domain name isn’t easily confused with others. It is especially important to make sure you aren’t infringing on another company trademark. Be sure to check with www.uspto.gov just to be safe.
4. A good domain name is hard to misspell
5. A good domain name relates to your business name or core business offering.
6. A good domain name sounds solid to your target audience.

Practically, Dr. Wilson’s principles have become extremely difficult to adhere to when solely focused on .com names alone, but fortunately the .biz domain market provides significant market opportunities.

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