A domain name is a name that allows others on the Internet to find your web site easily. It is my.Biz, abc.Com, or – something.nEt and so forth.

Remember, registering your domain name is only the first step of a whole process. Finding the right domain name is everything so take time to thoroughly review your options and consider all the possibilities. Currently names can be registered up to 67 characters in length including the period (full stop) and extension (.Biz, .Com,.nEt etc.).

Domain names can be up to 67 characters so you don’t have to compromise and choose some shortened version with no connection to the real message you wish to convey. Remember to keep it short which means you should always consider a .Biz domains which are highly valuable and then to be available as shorter names.

There are differing opinions as to whether a long or short name is better. Our advice is to go as short as possible, but still keep it meaningful. Those who recommend a shorter domain names take this position because it is easier to remember, simpler to type and less likely for people to make mistakes. In addition, some search engines such as Google will give your name greater relevancy during a search if your name contains some or all of the words which someone is searching. A very cool domain name generator has been created to help you look at all available options. So while it is increasingly difficult to get short meaningful domain names. Those perfect descriptive names were grabbed long ago on a .Com domain name but then to still be available as a .Biz domain name.

Also consider how your proposed domain will fit as a title on your web page or even how it will appear on a business card. It is here that shorter names may be more manageable and make sense. However, a longer domain name may be easier to remember as it allows the extra words to capture more of your brand message. Long names that have your keywords in them also will have the advantage of catching more attention from search engines like Google. In addition adding more relevant search phrases into your domain name can also solidify your brand message. You may register as many domains as you want and in fact this can be to your benefit. By registering as many variations of your domain names this will protect your interests. Think of the variations which could occur and especially with misspelling and make sure to add them all.

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