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Revolutionizing the Business Landscape: Discover the 5 Astonishing Impacts of AI

In the rapidly evolving realm of technology, one force stands out among the rest – Artificial Intelligence (AI). This groundbreaking technology has the power to revolutionize entire industries, making it a game-changer for startups striving for success. Brace yourself as we explore the symbiotic relationship between startups and AI, and witness the transformation of the business landscape.

Write a Killer Value Proposition for Your Business 

In business, a value proposition serves a similar function to a party invitation. It is a clear and enticing message that tells consumers what you are offering and why it’s worth choosing.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business

When the pandemic virtually halted in-person shopping, it further pushed global consumers toward the convenience of eCommerce. Many savvy entrepreneurs leaned into dropshipping as a low-risk online business model. Here’s an introduction to dropshipping and why it could be a great opportunity for digitally-driven entrepreneurs.

How the Team Behind Another.Biz Is Building More than Just Another Software Company

This lean and remote team is knee deep in building the future of software applications, and they use their website, Another.Biz, to communicate what sets them apart from other tech firms.

What is Google Business & Why Does Your Business Need It?

When starting a business, the checklist of things-to-do seem to never end. But there are some steps that are so crucial they simply cannot be overlooked. While signing up for Google My Business is a quick and easy process, the dividends can pay off for small...

How this Boulder-Based Artist Enlightens His Customers About Buddhism

For Phil Karl, creating tormas is not just a matter of artistry but a matter of spirituality. His website,, is a digital portfolio and direct-to-consumer platform for the tormas he custom-creates from his Boulder, Colorado home studio.

How to Pick a Memorable Business Name

Some startup names evoke feelings of joy and convenience, while others evoke controversy. But whether you’re launching a cutting-edge startup or a local business, many of us can agree it’s important for business names to be catchy, pack a punch, or at the very least, be memorable.

Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment and Encourage Customers to Buy

The global yearly losses from shopping cart abandonment amounts to a staggering $4.6 trillion, according to a study. Merchandise stuck in a cart, for example, can remain in inventory limbo for days instead of appearing available for sale on the website. Luckily enough, there are effective strategies to help minimize the abandonment rate.

Unlocking Business Success with Branded Shortlinks: Elevating Your Digital Presence

Elevate your digital presence with branded shortlinks. Discover how these concise, memorable URLs enhance user experience, boost marketing efforts, and drive business success. Explore the power of tailored campaign URLs and cross-platform consistency.

How Katrina Cohens Built a Thriving Coaching Business Online

Some learn from books, others learn from brunch. When it comes to self-improvement, Katrina Cohens believes that in order to make a difference in her clients’ lives, she has to meet them where they are most comfortable, be it through an online class or over eggs and mimosas.

.biz Shines the Spotlight on Trendy Household Artwork Firm

This week, .BIZ is featuring decorative paint company - Pattern Design. Based out of Atlanta, Ga., Pattern Designs offers services from cabinet and furniture finishing to murals and color consultations. Each piece is tailor-designed and hand-painted to make a simple...

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Site of the Week:

.Biz is home to one of Australia's most famous chefs, Bridget Davis. offers cooking videos, posh recipes as well as the latest culinary tips, trends and information. Bridget has been featured in multiple mainstream media outlets and publications...

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3 Ways You Can Measure Online Influence in Minutes

Business savvy entrepreneurs everywhere understand the importance of getting their business online. However, once there – many fail to measure the direct influence and impact that their online presence has on new business, customer loyalty and reputation. There are...

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Trains & Travel International Keeps Moving with .Biz

.Biz is pleased to recognize Trains & Travel International. Based out of California, this business leverages .biz to reach customers worldwide and move quickly on the ecommerce tracks. train ride excursions, ranging from a few days to weeks, spanning...

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Sneak Peek: Third Quarter Best of .Biz Nominees

We’re excited to showcase 10 new .biz websites this quarter. Take a look and vote on your favorite .biz success story. Voting is open until Sunday, September 30, 2012 and each visitor is able to vote for each nominee once. Golden Crown Panaderia For more than 30...

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.BIZ Celebrates Second Quarter “Best of .Biz” Winner

Neustar Awards with Second Quarter “Best of .Biz” Award We're excited to announce that WestWinds Management Solutions, Inc. has been selected as the winner of the second quarter "Best of .Biz" award. What makes this boutique business strategy firm unique...

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