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6 Online Learning Platforms to Enhance Your Business Skills

With new courses related to any and every interest available on the world wide web, it’s right now that we take control of our time and effectively invest in courses that will help us manage our businesses in a better way, make us more independent and train us to be a DIY (Do It Yourself) Ninja!

Top Benefits of Blogging for your Business Website

Blogging, which started in the mid-nineties as a personal hobby, has today gone moved far beyond just that, turning into a powerful medium that many rely on for a source of income, and brands rely on to connect with and engage customers.   Some startling facts: In...

Website Design Trends for 2020

Multitasking seems to be the new everyday norm, with push notifications and unending open tabs constantly competing for our attention, how does your website cut through the noise and made a lasting impression? The fight for consumer attention wages on. How do you make...

It’s Time to Review Your Website and Set Goals for the New Year

We’re in the last week of the year and it’s the perfect time to evaluate your website and set milestones to achieve in the coming year. Why? Because a website is a dynamic platform, created with a purpose. It is ever evolving. From its UI/UX, design, content, it is...

How to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday promotes small local, family and online businesses, encouraging shoppers to “shop local.” Get tips to promote your business here!

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

How often do you search for everyday products and services online? And how often do your searches help obtain those products and services? More times than not, you probably use the internet to fulfill your every need!   Businesses with a website are cashing in on new...

6 Reasons Why Your Website is More Valuable Than Your Facebook Page

When considering going online, a small business usually debates if the first step is launching a website or starting with a social media page. Both platforms should be considered for new businesses, with your social media and website working in tandem. Each platform...

10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Website Design

Did you know when a visitor arrives on your website, you have five seconds to capture their attention? To ensure that you keep them engaged, you need to create a website that looks good, functions properly and communicates your message clearly. Here are ten simple...

Quick Tips to Improve Your Shipping and Delivery Strategy

Today’s consumers choose who to buy from based on their overall customer experience. With several businesses fighting tooth and nail to win customers over, a good and reliable delivery service can set you apart. Here are some tips that will help you with just that.  ...

5 Foolproof Techniques to Improve Job Satisfaction for Your Team Members

Regardless of the size of your team, your employees’ job satisfaction impacts the overall success of your company. A study released in 2018 suggested that 55% of employees are consistently open to the idea of a new job, while a separate 25% of surveyed employees...

Report: Consumers curious about QR Codes

Love them or loathe them QR Codes are being noticed and, according to new research from Chadwick Martin Bailey, curious consumers are increasingly bothering to interact with them. The challenge to marketers is to provide a compelling reason to do so.

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A Bajillion Hits – Site of the Week

This week the .biz Spotlight shines on   A Bajillion Hits is a boutique viral-social strategy and marketing consulting firm specializing in expert opinion on next-gen strategy. Targeted and driven by hot young industry veteran Alex Blagg, A...

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DLC Management Corp. – Site of the Week

This week the .biz Spotlight shines on  Formed in 1991, DLC is one of the nation’s preeminent owners, operators and managers of shopping centers. Their portfolio includes millions of square feet of attractive retail space and continues to expand as we...

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This week the .biz Spotlight shines on created by, COO. It is one of the fastest growing Social Networks for small businesses on the net, over 1.7 million new PVs last month.

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